Doing things well, making them good. How? Special attention to the smallest detail.

La Donatella was established in 1946, originally an artisan pastry shop. Over the years, the company has developed remaining true to its origins: imbued with the idea of pursuing quality, with a special attention to the smallest detail, while in the certainty that nothing can possibly replace the love and passion of true artisan bakers.

Today we export desserts to 40 countries worldwide, proudly embodying the undisputed prestige of the Made in Italy brand.


Patisserie and Art

One of the most charming cities in the world: this is where our creations come to life. This much sought-after, loved and celebrated city, with its spellbinding lanes, its sumptuous Baroque style and richly evocative suggestions, is where our recipes find just the right inspiration.


Desserts are born out of enchantment, evocative as they are of fairy tales. They live in the reassuring feeling that only tradition can bestow. And all this comes with a craftsmanship capable of making magic, uniqueness, surprising you again and again…
And yet further evolving, till it grows into art…


We always select the best ingredients to obtain products that have a unique taste. La Donatella products are created with special care, since our production process reflects true artisanal tradition while fully complying with the strictest quality certification guidelines, in order to ensure maximum freshness and fragrance to all consumers worldwide who share our love with good taste.

BRC and IFS Certifications:
We take responsibility towards our customers to ensure food safety and consistent quality

Research and Innovation at the service of Good Taste

As is well known, freezing food is the best way to maintain its organoleptic characteristics while reducing the use of preservatives. Thanks to specially selected ingredients and to our state-of-the-art production process, once thawed our La Donatella desserts taste exactly as if just made.