Creamy and baked cakes, single serves and small pastry: at our site in Jesolo, not far from  Venice, we produce icons of Italian patisserie art, among which Tiramisu, one of the most well-known and popular desserts worldwide.


Undoubtedly the most popular and appreciated dessert in the world. A flagship representing La Donatella, who has remained true to its origins as it still produces in the area where Tiramisu was first born in the Sixties.

Single-serves and mini patisserie

Eye-catching shapes combine with lush flavours to make a definitely mouth-watering assortment of desserts,
both single serves and patisserie.

Vegan and
free from line

A line of delightful desserts that are rich in taste.

Rustic cakes line

Genuine ingredients. Unique flavours of Italian patisserie.

Tarts and shortcrust pastry

Tarts feature among the most popular cakes in Italy.
La Donatella presents many different variants,
both whole and pre-cut.

Patisserie creations

Multilayer cakes and cheesecakes made in Italy by La Donatella pastry chefs, ensuring intense experiences of good taste.

Maxi cakes

Shortcrust, soft sponge cake, fruit and velvety creams in a lovely assortment of maxi cakes.

Traditional cakes

The most popular icons of Italian pastry art, prepared according to traditional recipes.

Long cakes

First class ingredients for a vast range of long cakes, both creamy and bakery-style. Just like homemade.

Retail line

A vast assortment of take away desserts, ideal as snacks or for a tasty after dinner treat at home, as well.